My beautiful wife Tami and I relocated to Scottsdale in 1986. We have lived in Chandler for the past 16 years, and I started my business in 2015, with the simple goal of wanting to be the best Medicare Insurance Agency you can find, anywhere in America.  Where you can speak freely, express your concerns, confusions, and goals, and know that not only is someone listening, but they take your information to heart and do everything they can to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  We believe that being honest, approachable, knowledgeable, courteous, and; respectful to others goes a long way.  

Medicare has often been described as confusing, difficult to understand,  and overwhelming for many people.  It is not Rocket Science, but it is different than what we have been accustomed to during our working careers.  We are here to help. We strive to simplify Medicare in plain, easy-to-understand, common-sense terms, and we never charge our clients a penny for our services or our expertise. 

At Braden Medicare, we are a little bit different.  Different how you might ask?  Well, first and foremost we love to learn about our clients by listening to them.  We like to empower them by asking them to describe what they want to achieve with their Healthcare. What do they like and what things are most important to them, and not just them, we also like to pass along information about Medicare to the rest of their family, whenever it is appropriate. And we speak Medicare fluently. 

I would describe myself as relaxed. prepared, easy to speak with, well-read, an excellent communicator, courteous, respectful, down to earth, and genuine.  I am about as far away from pretentious as you can get. I go the extra mile for people because that is what providing a service is all about to me. I love turning over every stone to help someone.  Going above and beyond is everyday life for us at Braden Medicare Insurance. We may be a lot of things, but the one thing we will never be is outworked! Our goal for every day that we are blessed to wake up, is to exceed the expectations of our clients.

When you work with Braden Medicare Insurance, you're not just getting a quote or help with one individual policy, you're getting a friend for life who will always be committed to putting your needs first and someone whom you and your family can count on and trust to look out for you and your best interests and help you in any way we can.

We like to begin by asking questions, listening to you, and learning what you want your Healthcare in retirement to do for you and your family.  What things are most important to you concerningMedicare your healthcare? Would you like to have predictable costs, do you want to have a plan with limited networks of Doctors?  Do you want to have a Primary Care Physician?  Do you like the idea of paying out of pocket for Hospital stays, limited Physical Therapy X-rays and MRIs, Doctors Office Visits or just to pay to receive a referral so you can see a specialist? Do you want to manage a lot of fine print, or would you rather be in control of your healthcare, so you can go to any doctor or hospital you want to go to?  Where you pay a manageable monthly premium and the only other out-of-pocket cost. is a $240 Deductible, that $240 deductible is for the entire year!  We want to empower you to be in charge of your own healthcare choices.  We will help present your options, then, based on your preferences, we will get to work presenting options that fit your preferences.  At Braden Medicare, Outpatient you will always be in control. We are committed to working with you and your family so that you can enjoy the rest of your life with peace of mind knowing your friends at Braden Medicare have set you up for success and that we will always be here for you and your family whenever anyone has questions in the future.

I grew up in the Midwest and I am proud of my roots and my commonsense Midwestern work ethic. Everyone goes through life either doing what they love to do or doing something that they find,  they are very good at. I have always been very hands-on and have a genuine affinity for serving others.  I was taught at an early age to respect my elders.  That is why I decided to focus on Medicare and working with seniors. I saw far too many seniors being dismissed, discounted, and or taken advantage of because of their age, and even though I just turned 60, I wanted to change that narrative.

Our goal at Braden Medicare and www.bradenmedicare.com is to have people view Braden Medicare and Braden Medicare Insurance as a beacon of light in a storm.  Someone you can identify with, someone you can grow with, someone you can understand, and trust, and most importantly someone you enjoy working with, someone who genuinely cares about you, and your family and will do whatever they can to make you feel educated, informed,  valued and empowered. We believe you can never have too many friends, we strive to make everyone we meet comfortable and respected.  We treat clients like friends and we have always treated friends like family! 

I'm confident you will come to know us as, being good people, who care about others and are authentically sincere and genuine. We are simply sincere, and honest people.  We shoot straight and we look people in the eye when we shake their hand. We care, we view everyone like family, and we will always do everything in our power to make sure our family is protected. So let us do the heavy lifting and remove all of the rocks from your knapsack, so you can start moving forward with the most important time of your life.  A time when retirement means living, taking the time to do whatever you want to do.


  • Medicare is the National Health Care plan for all Americans over age 65.
  • Medicare is not free.  Medicare Part A which pays for In-Patient Costs at a Hospital is what we paid for through our Medicare and Social Security Taxes during our working careers.
  • You enroll in Medicare through the Social Security Administration.
  • Medicare Part A covers In-Patient Hospital stays.
  • Medicare Part B covers all of your Out-Patient services, including Imaging, Lab Tests, Bloodwork, Preventative Screenings, and Medical Equipment. Everyone who has Medicare, has to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B.
  • Medicare Part C is the part of Medicare that is more commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage.  Medicare Advantage plans are sold by private, for-profit Insurance companies and there are over 4,000 Part C Plans across the United States.



1.) Original Medicare which is a traditional 80/20 Health Plan where the government pays 80% and you pay 20%. There are no networks with Original Medicare.  You can see any Doctor and go to any hospital in America that accepts Medicare.

2.) Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement Plan.  A Medicare Supplement /Medigap Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N will pay for all of your 20% share that is not covered by the Government. Both the Mayo Clinic and Barrow Neurological Center in Phoenix accept Original Medicare, but they do not accept any Medicare Advantage plans.

3.) Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage.  This is insurance that are typically HMO or PPO plan types.  They are offered by private insurance companies, and it is not part of the United States Government like Original Medicare is. These Plans have Networks you have to use, most of the HMO plans include Prescription Drug Coverage, but most of the PPO plans do not.  You are responsible for paying Co-Pays and Co-Insurance.  Each plan has a Maximum Out-Of-Pocket Expense or MOOP.  This ranges from $2,800 - $7,500.  And, MA/MAPD plans will only pay for everything once you reach your MOOP.  Plus, you have to choose a new plan every year. For anyone considering a , Advantage plan, please take the time to read and re-read both the Summary Of Benefits and the Explnation Of Benefits sections, for everyMedicare plan you are considering. 



So, what makes Braden Medicare special?  Well, for starters we have more plan options than just about any other Medicare Broker you will find. We work hard to maintain our relationships with all of the Insurance carriers we are fortunate to represent. Most Brokers will have 4-6  carriers, and most agents are only associated with two insurancethat companies, but; we offer Medicare products from 34 of the best, and most trusted Insurance Companies in the United States that offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, Medigap plans, and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. We believe that by offering more plans from more highly rated insurance companies, our clients benefit the most by having more choices. At Braden Medicare Insurance, we know you will spend less money on premiums, because you are in charge and you get to determine the company you want to partner with.

  • We are licensed to Market and Sell every Medicare Part D Plan in Arizona. that is 28 Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.
  • We are Contracted to Market and Sell every Medicare Advantage Plan from AARP/United Health Care, Aetna, Amerigroup, Banner Healthcare, BCBS of Arizona, Cigna, Devoted Health, Humana, Gold Kidney Health, Lasso, United Healthcare,, and WellCare. Again, having the most options gives you the best opportunity to find, the plan that fits you like a glove.
  • As an Independent Medicare Broker, we are licensed and contracted to market and sell Medicare Supplement/Medigap plans from AARP, Ace Medicare Supplements, Aetna, Aflac, Allstate, Bankers Fidelity, Banner, BCBS of Arizona, Capital Life, Cigna, Globe Life Insurance, 'Humana, Manhattan Life Insurance, Medico, Mutual of Omaha, Nassau, Philadelphia Life Insurance, Royal Arcanum Insurance, United Healthcare, Royal Arcanum. All told we are contracted with over 30 of the Top-Rated Medicare Supplement/Medigap Insurance companies in America.



From assisting clients with getting enrolled in Medicare to educating them on the Four Parts that make up Medicare.  We work tirelessly every day to help our clients achieve Peace of Mind by taking care of them and, making sure they are happy with their healthcare. We plan on being a resource for them for the rest of their lives.  well-read,

We only represent companies with S&P, Fitch, or Moody's Rating of B+ or higher. 

On top of our Medicare Insurance offerings, we also offer an outstanding selection of ancillary insurance products like Dental, Vision, LTC (Long Term Care), Final Expense, Life Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Insurance as well as Under 65 Health Insurance, and Short-Term Health Plans. 



"To deliver unequaled service to our clients and develop and nurture long-lasting relationships by always interacting with our clients in a genuine, caring, and respectful manner".

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Disclaimer: Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information. Braden Medicare Insurance Agency is not associated with or endorsed by the United States Government or the Federal Medicare program. Braden Medicare Insurance is an Independent Medicare/Healthcare Broker offering Medicare Supplement and Medigap Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Under 65 Health Insurance, Short Term Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance. The Braden Medicare Insurance Agency is not affiliated with the U.S. Government or the Federal Medicare Program

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