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There are a few things that Medicare does not cover.  The top 4 of which are Vision, Hearing, Vision, Feet and Cosmetic Surgery.

One of the terms you will need to commit to memory with respect to your Medicare coverage is "Medically Necessary". This is the standard that Medicare uses to determine if a Medical/Surgical procedure will be covered by your Medicare insurance.  Every Doctor must attest that it is Medically necessary for you to receive a particular procedure in order for it to be considered a covered expense.  However, Medicare still has their own rules for certain categories of Health and in particular your Vision.

As a point of emphasis Medicare covers Cataract Surgery and they also cover shot injection for eye disease such as Macular Degeneration. But, Medicare has never covered annual Eye Exams, Prescription Lenses, Eyeglass Frames or Contact Lenses. The cost for these services are typically referred to as OOP (Out Of Pocket) Expenses, meaning that you must cover these costs on your own.

Now there are a few ways you can lessen the cost of Annual or Bi-Annual Eye Exams and new Eyeglasses.  The most overlooked item might be your AAA Card, if you have one of course.  If you have a AA Card, you should check with your Optometrists office and your favorite Store that sells Prescription Eye-wear to see what discounts they honor using your AAA Card.  Many times there will be only a $25-$35 charge for an Eye Exam and significant discounts on frames, lenses and contacts.

The other option is to purchase Vision Insurance from companies who specialize in Vision Insurance. And, although I have personally never seen any Vision Insurance that covers everything, most Vision Plans offer significant discounts and savings to help you keep your Out Of Pocket expenses down.  On the next page you will find links to use so you can check out what the benefits are and the monthly costs for the Vision Plans we carry here at Braden MSI Insurance.

Lastly, my wife Tami and I both wear glasses.  We have had good and so-so experience with different Vision Plans over the years, just like you have.  Here are a few other things you might consider that might be beneficial to you and of course save you some money as well:

  • If you are a Veteran of Military Service see if you are entitled to any VA Benefits.
  • If you are not too hung up on fashion, Nationwide Vision and America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses are generally considered the least expensive places to get Eyeglasses.  You may not find as many "Designer" Frames and Styles, but a serviceable pair of plastic frames can save you a lot of money.
  • If you like fashion and designer looks, search online for Eyeglasses or Frames.  You can find a lot of very stylish frames at amazing savings and most of the time you can just input your Prescription and they will have the glasses made and shipped to you.
  • If you are not sure the correct Frame size, look at the numbers on the inside of the temple sides of your current glasses.
  • If you have not already found out, most of the Onsite Labs have gone away due to COVID-19 and companies like Pearle Vision, Lens Crafters and Eye Masters all send their Frames out to be made and it takes 2-3 weeks for you to receive them.
  • If you have a Sam's Club or Costco Membership, it is worth checking out their selection as their prices are usually quite competitive.
  • You can also save money by searching for Plans that cover a new pair of glasses every two years instead of a new pair every year.
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VSP Vision is often recognized as the leader in Employee/Employer Vision Insurance in the United States.  VSP Vision also offers Individual Vision Plans. You can click on the following link to go to the VSP Vision website, just enter your Zip Code and see which plans are available.  If you find something that fits you, let us know and we will get you enrolled the same day.

Ameritas / Primestar
Ameritas Vision Insurance


Ameritas/Primestar has Two Individual Vision Plans available in Arizona.  They are the Primestar Select Vision which is $10.67 Per Month and their Primestar Choice Vision Plan that is $16.34 per month.  You can use this link to find out more information and the specifics on each of these plans:

Humana Vision Insurance


Humana has a PPO Vision Plan for Arizona. This plan is managed by Eye Med and it costs $13.49 per month + a $35 One-Time Enrollment Fee. There is no waiting period and you can see more by checking out the Summary Of Benefits using this link:

United Healthcare #Golden Rule Vision Insurance #United Healthcare Vision Insurance


Golden Rule Insurance is part of United Healthcare.  To check out their Arizona Vision Plans please use this link:

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